If you are an Australian citizen, own your own home that is zoned for development, and have little to no development experience, a Joint venture development agreement, with a reputable and experienced developer is a perfect way for you to unlock the full potential of your land. The property owner is paid the agreed land value, plus they get to participate in a share of the development profits.

Whilst it is great to own your own home, it will not produce an income when you retire. With rapidly rising inflation, high-interest rates, the purchase power of the dollar, along with the cost of living increasing exponentially, smart people know they must do something to increase their wealth and retirement fund as they plan for the future. It won’t happen on its own. By participating in a joint venture development with a team of experts and property people, you can unlock somewhere between 30% and 80% more for your property.

Vision in Property is passionate about helping everyday people tap into the FULL potential of their land, so they get further, much faster.

“Instead of the property developer making all the profits, this is a great way for the property owner to share in the development profits, without doing any of the development work”.

If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from a Joint Venture development, please fill in the details below.

    Pure Profit Package

    Where you take the cash and buy whatever you want with the profits from the Joint venture development when the development is completed  

    Home and Income Package

    Where you retain property as your own home to live in and retain additional fully paid-off properties to create a long-term income stream. This option provides you with a brand-new home that does not require any maintenance plus income to live off in retirement (or for any other purpose). You will also benefit from the capital growth over time.

    Ultimate Freedom Package

    Where you retain as many properties as possible to generate the maximum amount of income and benefit from capital growth over time. You can also leverage these properties to retain additional properties and have them paid off by the tenant while your capital value increases across your new property portfolio.

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      Guaranteed Outcome

      Guaranteed Outcome

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